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Why TIME Magazine?

TIME provides a fresh international perspective on the important issues of the day, together with candid and revealing profiles of people in the news.

Taking a trial with TIME magazine is the only way to ensure you receive ground breaking news and thought provoking commentary on the topics affecting today’s world.

TIME offers unique features across the globe. Every week you will receive:

Global Advisor

A mix of topical news and features from around the world for those readers with a broad international outlook and global lifestyle. This weekly section covers travel, style and leisure relevant to the mobile elite

Global Business

A regular report with special emphasis on business, technology, management case studies and international trade challenges and opportunities

Global Investing

With the current unprecedented economic crisis and corporate lay-offs at a record high – Global Investing is timely, relevant and critical for tracking the global economy

Going Green

A dedicated feature within the Life section, Going Green recognises not only how important the environment is to people around the world, but also how green business will be the fundamental engine of change in the 21st century

The Curious Capitalist

A dedicated feature and daily blog on Time.com, The Curious Capitalist delves into the world of business and economics, discussing topics ranging from the most talked about hedge funds to academic papers on trends in consumer behaviour. Justin Fox, TIME’s business and economics consultant, supplies commentary on the economy, world markets and the complex nature of business



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