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You’re on a business trip and your meetings have finished early so you thought you would give yourself some free time to relax a bit before you head back to the office, what do you do? Heading to the nearest tourist information office or going to collect a few of the leaflets in the hotel reception is fine and very practical, but the one thing they don’t give you are recommendations on where to go to really get a local feel for the city you are in.

Visit the Travel sections of TIME, giving you advice from locals on where the best places to go are if you have limited time providing you with the opportunity to move slightly off the beaten track and gain insights into the local culture.

Plus each week TIME brings you Living and Ideas, the lifestyle sections of the magazine, covering food, gadgets, style and leisure, providing you with ideas and essential tips on how to improve your lifestyle, making TIME magazine a fully rounded international digest perfect for any executive and their interests. 

TIME magazine is a multiple award winning magazine as voted not only by our readers but also our peers. Created in 1923, TIME has been one of the most authoritative and informative guide to what is happening in the world. Every week, close to 2 million affluent consumers, frequent travellers and senior business people turn to TIME for award winning coverage of the key issues.

TIME magazine is the perfect weekly digest for lifestyle news coverage, keeping you up to date with all the business, health, politics, people, entertainment and world news.

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