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TIME, helping you keep your finger on the pulse of global business as it happens

The world is in the midst of the worst post war recession and unemployment in the UK alone has topped 2 million for the first time ever. Banks and business’ that we thought were safe havens for our money and livelihoods have fallen to their knees, receiving bail outs from governments to keep them going.

With all these changes happening in the markets, keeping up to date with the global business world is an extensive task with numerous news sources available. Selecting the most comprehensive and informative media resources can be difficult and to get accurate and unbiased information you will most likely have to read several papers and news sites.

TIME Magazine is the only publication that you need to keep you in the know and is the ultimate weekly digest with a long history in covering developments in the business world. 

Each week TIME gives you:

Global Business

A regular report with special emphasis on business, technology, management case studies and international trade challenges and opportunities.

Global Investing

With the global recovery and predictions of healthy, sustained growth through 2016 and beyond – Global Investing is timely, relevant and critical for tracking the global economy and seeing where the opportunities and deals are.

The Curious Capitalist

Our curious capitalist columnist Rana Foroohar spends much of her time talking to CEOs and finance experts about the health of the U.S. and global economies. 

A dedicated feature and daily blog on Time.com, The Curious Capitalist delves into the world of business and economics, discussing topics ranging from the most talked about hedge funds to academic papers on trends in consumer behaviour. Justin Fox, TIME’s business and economics consultant, supplies commentary on the economy, world markets and the complex nature of business.

In addition to all this, TIME gives you coverage on all the business, health, politicspeopleentertainment and world news.

TIME magazine is a multiple award winning magazine as voted not only by our readers but also our peers. Created in 1923, TIME has been one of the most authoritative and informative guide to what is happening in the world. Every week, close to 2 million affluent consumers, frequent travellers and senior business people turn to TIME for award winning coverage of the key issues.

“TIME not only informs me but pushes me to try a little harder in my work, it inspires me” Board Director (Banking/Finance/Investment)