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The Year in Covers

Readers respond to TIME's biggest stories


‘@TIME shamelessly panders to the “my mom” demographic.’
SETH MEYERS, via Twitter, on “The Year Ahead” issue (Jan. 13)


‘The Cancellator! I am going to cancel you. Right now!’
AL ROKER, on the airlines’ computer-generated cancellation algorithm TIME revealed in “Airport Confidential” (March 3)


‘Best part of this is the White House CTO driving around a van, assembling folks A-Team style, to fix HealthCare.gov.’
JIM RAY, a coder, via Twitter, on “Code Red” (March 10)


‘You don’t want to be a school that mishandles rape…
JOE BIDEN, in a companion piece to "Rape: The Crisis in Higher Education" (May 26)

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