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Manopause?! Aging, Insecurity and the $2 billion Testosterone Industry

These drugs promise to pump up men who feel deflated. But are they safe?

The sign over the clinic door says Low T Center, as in low testosterone, as in not enough man juice in the tank. Inside, the place is musky with masculinity. The spacious suite is situated in a handsome office building in the prosperous North Texas suburb of Southlake, staffed by attractive female receptionists who welcome patients into the “man cave.” ESPN plays on the flat-screen near a bar stocked with drinks and snacks. The rooms are decorated with autographed football jerseys and other sports memorabilia. A he-man with a firm handshake named Mike Sisk is the proprietor, but he’s no doctor.

Instead, Sisk is enough of a businessman to realize that America’s beer bellies could be worth their weight in …

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