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Jeb Bush: Next In Line

Jeb-Bush-Selfie Andrew Nelles —The New York Times Jeb Bush with a fan at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in February.

The family dynasty shaped his life. Now it’s complicating his campaign for the presidency Jeb Bush is running for the White House exactly 55 minutes at a time. That’s how long it takes him to march through quickie fundraisers that can rake in $150,000 an hour. Bush has the art of the ask scripted to the minute: he strolls into a friendly law firm or lobbying shop with a lone aide in tow, holds forth for 15 to 20 minutes, takes questions for 10 more, snaps a few photos and complains about the indignities of his paleo diet and his need for new suits. Then he ducks out the door and back into a car that whisks him to a new batch of benefactors.

He can repeat this routine four or five times a…

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