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Europe’s New Border Crisis

By Naina Bajekal / Calais

Etienne Laurent — EPA French police officers escort Eritrean migrants away from the Channel Tunnel entrance on Aug. 3.

A global migrant crisis finally strikes the continent. 

It was well into the night of July 30 when the mood shifted in Calais. Evening in the French port city had begun with familiar scuffles, pitting groups of illegal migrants against French police officers who blocked their access to the Channel Tunnel and its tantalizing gateway to England. But this was something different. Some 50 migrants - mainly Syrians - simply sat down and turned their backs on the gendarmerie in a peaceful demonstration.
“Let us cross,” a voice in the crowd cried. “We are Syrians. We have a war in our country. Why all of this police just for us? We are just trying to cross for a safe place.”

The voice belonged to a 27-year-old Syrian who gave... 

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